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Pretty good

It was much better than I thought it would be. Good music too. ;)

It was alright

Except, if you put Bass in there, 8-bit or not, why not have robot masters from Mega Man 8?? That made no sense, and felt like filler.

Hell yes

I loved it. The best one was the one w/ Locke. HILARIOUSLY RANDOM! Plus you used my music, so yeah. Great job.

MajinPiccolo responds:

No problemo man, anytime.

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Initial D Music!



i like it

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Pretty good, inaccurate name tho

This is the palace theme from The Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link... this isn't the alt for Hyrule Castle, I've done rock remakes of both, you should check them out.

Lets see... the main melody synth could've had some more reverb or something to make it a little fatter sounding, its too thin as it is, and the choir's attack could've been turned down, sounds like they're coming in a tad too late.

I liked the delay on the beginning instrument, and the overall feel of this track, the kick was good. Could've used a fatter bass line tho, its almost non-existant (unless I'm missing something). Anyway, this is a solid remix, not one of the best I've heard, but not the worst.

HouseMasta responds:

yes, i mistook the title. my bad. and this song was ok, def not my best


I love this, a straight metal cover of an excellent song. No remixing here, just great covering. What do you use for recording your guitar? Direct input, mic?

I've just now started to get the sound I want out of my DI setup. You should check out some of my work, lots of video game covers.

Loved the wah.


but my version is better. Bring the bass up, and just add a more solid feel to it, it sounds too weak and trebley.

After a long hiatus of NG, I came back and read a bunch of reviews on my songs that are very positive, so I've decided to come back and start submitting music again.

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